Make Engrams with this Silver Creek High School Club’s Valentine’s Grams!

By Diem Tran

A photo of ARK’s Valentine’s Grams bags
Photo credit: Diem Tran

SAN JOSE, CALIF.⸺ As the holiday of love approaches, Silver Creek’s Act of Random Kindness (ARK) Club encourages its members, and non-members, to express their love with customizable Valentine’s grams towards both their loved ones and themselves during these first 2 weeks of Feb.

The club’s officers recently sent out forms to its members and spread across their social media to inform the school about their exciting new, annual Valentine’s Day grams for students and teachers to buy (until the deadline of Feb. 10). According to an ARK club officer, these grams were introduced for its members to have a fun way of gifting one another, either anonymously or known. These small gifts are meant to display a show of gratitude, kindness, love, the cherishing of its recipient from its sender or all of the above.

In this package, purchasers are able to choose an unlimited amount of personalized Polaroid photos, chocolates, candies, matcha cookies, and flowers! Not only are the Polaroid pictures adorable, but they can be printed of any photo of your choice; a small but sweet gift for anyone. A photo(s) quickly sent to the club’s Instagram is all that’s needed to have an adorable photo of you and your loved one! “I bought one for my best friend as a surprise, and I can’t wait to see her reaction; especially to a cute Polaroid of our favorite picture together. I know she’ll want to keep it in her car to see,” as said by a Silver Creek student.

Though, ARK’s club officers want their members to practice self love, as well. Yes, Valentine’s Day is commonly a day to celebrate the love you hold for your family, friends, or significant others, but these eight students believe that it is crucial to also show yourself the same love you give to others. They hope for their members to practice acts of random kindness towards themselves everyday of every year. 

This simple, yet thoughtful, goody bag can easily brighten a person’s day, and that is what ARK club is all about; positively impacting someone’s day, or better yet, their lives. One kind gesture may greatly change a person’s entire mood and even create a new, strong bond between two minds. Cross off that “one kind gesture a day” with Silver Creek’s Act of Random Kindness Club’s Valentine’s Day grams!

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