Political commentator gets kicked out of a restaurant in Miami!

Date: January 24, 2022

SAN JOSE, CALIF — On Jan 21, a political commentator named Giano Caldwell got kicked out of a restaurant in Miami.

Caldwell is a political commentator for Fox News. He was kicked out of a restaurant in Miami called Paradis Books and Bread. He said that he met up with a friend at the restaurant for breakfast but was soon kicked out of the restaurant when he and his friend had a discussion about politics, the restaurant owner told Caldwell that the restaurant isn’t politically aligned.

After the incident, Caldwell made a tweet about it. The tweet has 2.6 million views as of right now, and it has sparked much debate about the political scenes. The restaurant has also received a lot of backlash from the incident. Their employees have received many calls and messages on their phones, which has led to the restaurant using their winter break( shutdown operation) to protect their community.

   (A restaurant in Miami)
Source: Wikimedia

The restaurant also made a few posts on Instagram addressing the incident. In one post they said that the commentator and his friends came in and talked very loudly, and they also said that what they were talking about was very disrespectful mainly when they spoke of women in a “degrading way”.

Caldwell also stated that “There’s a target on the backs of people who happen to be Black, who happens to be conservative”. But the Cafe also happened to be owned by a black woman. Despite this, the restaurant still faces many negative comments on its google review page.

Some people even argued that the restaurant treated Caldwell like the modern Jim Crow. Caldwell also stated, “it was plain and simple discrimination, and it is modern-day Jim Crow.”

(out of 15 students 3 students at Silvercreek agreed that this action is the modern Jim Crow)

After the incidents, there wasn’t much going on for both sides besides some posts and the restaurant shut down for a few weeks.

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