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Why news matters

April 27, 2022 SAN JOSE, CALIF. — From absurd celebrity scandals to many environmental crises, news has been up and running on our devices 24/7 to keep us updated about events that are current in the world.  Throughout time, news has become an important source of information that we’ve relied on and what we use […]

Why news is important

May 4, 2022 By Jenny Le SAN JOSE CALIF. — When you’re a kid, you’re unaware of what goes on around the world, but as you grow up you start to realize how valuable it is to pay attention to the news.  When I was younger, I didn’t understand the importance of news, but as […]

Why is news important?

By Amelia Leson May 10, 2022   SAN JOSE, CALIF.- News matters because it acts as many things to how we know what’s going on and on facts about new items and places. Beyond its relevance news has been around since 59BCE and is still present to this day. Many people dismiss news as worthless […]

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