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Top 5 Romantic-Comedies that are a Necessity to Watch

By Jasmina Lara SAN JOSE, CALIF. –  From the early 2000s to 2023 nothing has beaten films of hilarious love stories on movie screens. Here are the top five romantic comedies you need to watch in your lifetime.  Romantic comedies are a genre of movies, television shows, and books that usually have a light hearted,…

Should you Watch the New “Creed III” Movie?

By Harold Nguyen Photo of boxer by Fxquadro Stock Adobe SAN JOSE, CALIF-  On March 3, 2023. The final movie of the Creed trilogy finally landed in theaters, and people are debating on whether or not they should go to see the movie in theaters. In my opinion the movie was very good and seeing…

Hailey Ngo(s) Best!

By Diem Tran SAN JOSE, CALIF.⸻ Silver Creek High School’s 2023 Senior Class President Hailey Ngo gives insight on how she’s been able to manage her personal and academic life while achieving countless goals just before her 18th birthday! First and foremost, Hailey Ngo ……. A fact about her many people may not know is…

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