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Diem Tran is a junior at Silver Creek High School and a matcha-enthusiast, connoisseur, if you will, drinking at least two or three matcha-including drinks a week since the start of her high school years. She would have to say that her top two would be a matcha latte and matcha lemonade. A book-lover, as well, Diem Tran is fond of almost every genre available to indulge on; as long as it's fiction. A fun fact about Tran is that she is not one to enjoy change, unless it involves the layout of her bedroom. The control over what she is changing is an exception for her. Since the age of 12, Diem Tran knew that writing was something she wanted to pursue and learn more about. In her sophomore year of high school, she began pondering over the idea of becoming not just a journalist, but one that studies the world of fashion. Tran's passion for putting outfits together in her free time and loving the way it feels to piece together contrasting items into something great drove her to continue becoming a writing of her best abilities.

A favorite quote of Diem Tran's that she often likes to reference is, "Are you working hard or hardly working?" The saying was made one day in her sophomore year history class during a laughter-encompassing conversation with her group mates that had quickly become one of her go-to quotes.