Malika Singh’s devout journey into medicine

Singh posing in front of a Glossier sign. Photo Credit: Kaitlyn Luu

By Thu Nguyen

February 7, 2023

SAN JOSE, CALIF.– Set on radiology, high school senior Malika Singh started her medical journey by volunteering at a local hospital. 

Singh got started at Kaiser Permanente in May, 2021. Her older sister, who had volunteered there, introduced Singh, believing that she could benefit from the exposure.

The application process took a total of two weeks, during which she was required to submit immunization records, undergo numerous tests, and an online interview. After receiving the green check, Singh received in-person and online training. 

Singh is present at the hospital at least once a week, varying on availability in her schedule. On a typical day, Singh is involved in several districts within the hospital operation system. She helps the nurses with urgent errands, carries out front-desk paperwork for newcomers, and escorts patients to the ER and OR. 

The interactions with patients give her a glance at her future career. Her favorite encounters are with elderly patients, as they are incredibly grateful for the care they receive and offer great conversations. Through chats with them, Singh found that many appreciate the work volunteers do for them at the hospital. 

The aspiring radiologist got her inspiration from a mishap in the past. When Singh was younger, she broke her arm due to an accident and had to spend her time persistently with a radiologist. She became fascinated by the work they do and the function behind an x-ray machine. Through her research, Singh discovered that Radiology is her destined career field. 

Singh greatly recommends volunteering at the hospital to other individuals who want to study medicine. Since hospital experience is needed for med school, she believes it is better to do it now when one’s schedule has more space open than later in the journey. “Volunteering has allowed me to gain exposure to how the hospital works and see interactions between the nurses and doctors,” Singh vocalizes.

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