Humans of Silver Creek: Mr. Caesar

“I know things are really hard for you right now, and I know you’re really scared. But I’m not going anywhere. I’m always here to support you.”

No matter who you are, whether you have him as your English teacher or not, he’ll always be there to support you and make you happy with his embarrassing yet funny stories. 

Spending time with one of his cats

He’s a graduate from the University of Southern California and got his master’s in teaching. He’s from San Jose and is available to talk about anything. Mr. Caesar is a cat lover and has recently adopted some more cats with his own cat that he usually spends his time with.

What got him started in teaching was the encouragement from the afterschool program he worked at after college where students simply said, “I can’t wait till you’re a teacher!” uplifting him for the future. He replied, “What do you mean!? I don’t want to be a teacher.” But then he became a teacher with this hope that he’ll be able to give students what they need because he knows what to give students that he didn’t get when he was in school. Addition to the afterschool program he worked at, on Teacher’s Appreciation Day he was the only one to get appreciation cards from the students while other teachers didn’t. So, he made his decision to try the teaching career and see how it goes.

Mr. Caesar loves teaching because it helps him follow his dreams by inspiring his students.

“Being able to inspire kids, helps me re-inspire myself to follow my dream.”

Adrian Caesar
Putting his hobby into a passion

Due to the COVID crisis, a lot of people have adapted to new habits while some have improved in things that they were decent at, one of which could be music. Music helps relax people and increases their level of concentration and Mr. Caesar loves to play guitar when he has time. 

One thing he wished he knew during his high school and college years is how to be you and not change for others because at the end you have to come back to yourself when there’s nowhere to go.

Mr. Caesar explained from his experience in high school is to never change yourself for someone else because they are not the ones to walk beside you, you will be the only one to uplift yourself in difficult situations. Just be yourself. 

He further explained about his personality how his peers in high school used to think of him as an introverted person while he’s not. He is very playful, friendly, chill, and extroverted. He loves when people are real in front of him and show him their real selves.

Playing basketball

His inspirations are Miranda Cosgrove from iCarly who inspired him to go to USC. Another is Dwyane Wade, a basketball player. And at last are his three former students who he’s still connected to, helps him get through difficult situations through talks. Some of the extracurricular activities he was involved in were basketball, dance, and music. 

A quote that resonates with Mr. Caesar is

“The great moments of your life won’t necessarily be the things you do, they’ll also be the things that happen to you.”

Mr. Caesar is a person to whom you can share your feelings with and in return you’ll get a response that will help you move forward, “In order for us to validate our feelings we really need to speak out what’s about in our head otherwise it becomes a part of our imagination and never gets out there to the real world. And being able to find that outlet whether it’s a person, an activity, or music allows us to be alive. We all need a person to whom we can say those random words to and that’s what I am for my students, someone you could say random words to and I’ll respond no matter how dumb it is. Also being able to be more descriptive and more intense and convinced about what you are saying using more precise words is a nice quality to have and when you add more details to a memory it makes it more memorable.”

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