Hardworking Magno

Everyone has a different definition of winning. Living by the quote, “It doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winning’s winning,” Eli believes that winning is being able to look back at the hard work he put into something to reach his goal. 

Eli smiles confidently while taking a picture

Growing up, Eli learned that “everyone has their own life, and you cannot be judgemental on how other people live.” This forced him to have a sonder mindset and has affected him today because it allows him to be more open to other people. He lives each day being kind and understanding toward others and does not degrade anyone for their hobbies and beliefs. This has allowed him to grow friendships and gain respect from others. 

Eli took one of the biggest steps in his life when he realized his enjoyment for guitar and music. “I learned that nothing has to be perfect as long as you get something done and try your best, that’s all that really matters” Eli said. This hobby has helped him grow as a person because it allowed him to be more forgiving toward other people. Music has helped him realize that continuous practice makes perfect, and helped him grow to become a more patient person towards other people.

During quarantine, he continues to stay connected to the people he cares about through Zoom calls and gaming with friends. Eli believes that staying close to the people you care about during times like these is very important and improves your mood and mental health. 

Eli inspires people by trying to be a bit more open-minded for other people to form stronger connections. He works hard in school, continues to work on his hobbies, and finds ways to connect to other people.

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