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Amrinderjeet Kaur

Amrinderjeet Kaur
Class of 2022
Social Media Contacts Editor

Amrinderjeet Kaur is a junior at Silver Creek High School and wants to pursue her future career in the US Navy. Currently, she is the C/PO1 (Petty Officer First Class) in the NJROTC program and the Commander for the Community Service/Academics. Amrinderjeet has been proactively participating in ROTC since her freshman year which is what motivated her to go further in this profession. Not only that, Amrinder thrives to help others who are in need and is open-minded for others to come and talk to her about their problems. She didn’t know what journalism was all about so she decided to take this class and explore to see whether or not this would be something that will help her in the future. Amrinderjeet hopes that her contribution to the Raider Review can give her readers the information they need to make best decisions about their life and society.

“Don’t tell people you plans, show them your results instead.” - Lareen Landra