Misaki Nguyen journey from golf to pre-med 

By: Hy Luu on November 14,2022

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Misaki Nguyen is currently a Junior attending Silver Creek High School. She is a part of the Girls Golf team and partakes in many board positions in clubs. She also advocates for mental help and works to allocate resources to High schools.

Photo of Nguyen during KCON 2022 LA – Photo Credits: Misaki Nguyen

Nguyen was born in the U.S and has both Vietnamese and Japanese roots but sees herself as American. Her dad immigrated during the Vietnamese war, and her mom traveled aboard to the U.S for a research project opportunity at Stanford.

Reference picture of golf – Photo Credits: IStock

Nguyen started playing golf in elementary school and dropped it in middle school, but she picked it back up during high school to play for the Girls Golf team. 

Her enthusiasm to pursue golf stems from its technicality and repetition, since she likes the aspect of working on herself to become better at the sport. Which she manages because of the nature of golf which is that the sport isn’t very competitive and tense. She can keep it cool during the game because she views the sport as a challenge of oneself, But this won’t take away from the fact that she’ll try her best to win as always. 

Nguyen is in many clubs and advisories both in and out of school, and is currently a board member of the Pre-med club, Social Activism, and Japanese National Honor Society. Her out of school advisories include helping in the Santa Clara Youth Advisory which helps allocate Mental Health resources to Schools.

Nguyen, like most other students, likes to indulge herself in her hobbies. She particularly likes things from her Japanese side, like reading Manga/Anime and going to Japanese predominant art stations like Pixiv. She enjoys most genres of art as long as it’s “good art”, she also likes seeing references in artworks from other works. One of her other hobbies is the saxophone, she would play it during sessions and performances in the Music Club.

A photo taken from a performance by the Music Club – Photo Credits: Hy Luu

Nguyen’s parents are somewhat strict as they want her to pursue her education seriously, she has shown this to them by taking some AP classes to challenge herself and for her college credits. But she tries to enjoy school as much as she can even with the pressure from her parents.

Nguyen is very interested in psychiatry and hopes to pursue Pre-med after high school. She also wants to be more Independent and wants to take control of responsibilities and things in her life that she hasn’t had the ability yet to do so, like indulging herself to her hobbies once she has found her own footing by herself.

Nguyen hopes that more people would join the SCHS golf team as it has valuable opportunities that are being underutilized.

“You guys should try to enjoy highschool as much as possible while it lasts!”

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