Activities Director: Mr. Chu exclusive interview

SAN JOSE, CALIF. – Mr. Chu, an activities director at Silver Creek, not only coordinates all the school activities, but as well has his own classes to teach. With how many events there are at Silver Creek each school year, there better be some appreciation for how hard Chu works. 

Having attended Silver Creek during his high school years, Chu knows much about the school. So when it came time for him to choose his career, he decided to become a teacher here. Due to him being surrounded by role models who were teachers themselves, his choice to become a teacher was just a continuation of the care he received from his role models when he was younger.

When he had attended Silver Creek, he was a four year leadership student. So when it came time to decide what subjects he wanted to teach, he obviously came to the most obvious answer, leadership. Not only does he teach leadership, but he also teaches math two. Despite everything he does when it comes to doing extra work with all his activity coordinating, all the teachers’ salaries are based on their degree credits and experience teaching. To put that into effect, Chu has less of a salary compared to Ms. Newray who has had more experience in terms of years of teaching. 

Being an activities director, Chu is responsible for the planning of activities and important events happening from all over the school. From club events alone, it was obvious from the start that Chu would have no time for himself. With Silver Creek having so many diverse clubs, the amount of club work is bound to increase Chu’s work pile. It’s hard to even see a glimpse of the mysterious activities director.

Chu outside his classroom, I-2. 
Photo credits: Rose Stefanac

Being as busy as he is, he has practically no time for himself saying, “What freetime?” when asked what he did during his freetime. Although he doesn’t have much free time, he really enjoys the entire set of the “Fast & Furious” movies despite first choosing “Spider Man” as his answer for his favorite movie. When it comes to food, he enjoys tacos. His favorite restaurant is ‘Com Tam Thien Huong,’ a local Vietnamese restaurant located in Silver Creek Market Place famous for its com tam, as advertised by the name. In terms of his favorite color, he prefers the color blue.

Chu enjoys his job as not only does he directly associate himself with the students but he makes their time there more enjoyable with all the events he plans. Due to him having attended Silver Creek, he was familiar with all the school events. He plans on making the balance between education and school activities clear. As not only is school here to educate growing minds but it’s also there to give them an enjoyable time where they still can act like teenagers. 

Despite enjoying teaching math two, if he could, he would rather teach Math Analysis if he ever had enough time to develop the curriculum. He loves teaching leadership and would like to keep teaching the subject. He also enjoys his job as activities director due to him actually enjoying talking to the students and planning activities that not only make the students happy but also makes himself happy. “He’s very dedicated to his students. You can tell by the amount of time he’s here, he goes above and beyond.” says Silver Creek biology teacher, Mr. Staten.

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