Nicholas De La Torre: from music to health science

By: Tony Nguyen

November 12, 2022

SAN JOSE, CALIF.— Nicholas De La Torre is a senior attending Silver Creek High School. He is interested in music and was inspired by his parents.

Nicholas is also a very academic student, although he said that he struggles in some classes and essays but he still challenges himself and took AP Literature this school year. He said that school is going quite well for him and the teachers at Silver Creek are very supportive and friendly. He also mentioned that a lot of the students are very nice too. He said that when he feels stressed and pressured, he listens to music.   

Nicholas with his guitar.
Photo Credits: Nicholas De La Torre

Nicholas enjoys playing the guitar, video games, and watching movies. He took an interest in music after he saw an ad on Spotify about retro music, and it got him into music, and he said that he was also inspired by his parents. He said his favorite song is Snow by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, because of the unique rhythm which makes it very appealing to him. He usually plays his guitar in his free time as he wants to improve his guitar skill. Outside of music he also plays football and baseball.  he enjoys playing those sports, but they are very time-consuming. As a result, he feels like he didn’t have enough time to do everything when he reached high school. As a result, he stopped playing. Despite this, he keeps on following his passion for music and still plays the guitar. 

Though Nicholas has a passion for music, he stated that he does not plan to pursue music. He said that he wants to go to UC Davis to pursue a health science degree, his dream college school.

Nicholas with his guitar.
Photo Credits: Nicholas De La Torre

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