Silver Creek graduate now Silver Creek Teacher

Ms. Gonzalez eating corn in fall.
Photo Credit: Kylee Gonzalez

 By Nichole Garcia

SAN JOSE, CALIF.- “No I never would’ve thought I would teach at Silver Creek” Kylee Gonzalez a Silver Creek Graduate explains. Gonzalez speaks on her journey into becoming an educator and how her profession goes beyond than just teaching

Gonzalezwas born and raised in San Jose, California. She grew up very close to her grandparents from her mom’s side of the family. Having a strained relationship with her parents, and the trauma she dealt with from certain decisions they made, it heavily impacted why she wanted to come to school and strive to do her very best. She explains, “It became an escape for me, to get my mind off of things” Gonzalez enjoyed her high school experience, and was very involved in activities such as leadership and student class officer. She graduated from Silver Creek in 2014. 

Gonzalez originally wanted to be a lawyer but soon realized that career wasn’t for her. Later on, Gonzalez started working at schools with teens, and really enjoyed it. It wasn’t until college, at the University of California Santa Cruz, when she realized that she wanted to be a teacher. She would then start taking classes like sociology and education and became intrigued with it. She even earned an undergraduate degree in  sociology, history, and education. After graduation, Gonzalez got her masters degree in teaching at the University of San Francisco. 

Gonzales chose to teach history because she says,” History is so important to learn about. To better understand today, we have to know history.” Gonzalez’s goal as a history teacher is for others to be better informed about the world around us. Not only does she teach history, but she also teaches sociology. It’s something she enjoyed, so once the opportunity presented itself, she took it. 

The best thing about being a teacher for Gonzalez is the students. She explains, “the teaching, the laughing, the talking.” Gonzalez’s biggest strength as a teacher is building relationships and good lesson planning. How can one build so many relationships and connections? Gonzalez explains, “I think I just take genuine interest in my students, I ask questions, and I really do care, I tell them to take care of themselves.” Riley says, “I trauma dump on her.” Another Silver Creek student says,”it’s the little things that she does, like always walking in her classroom, and looking up to the board, for it to say I’m happy you’re here or thank you for being here. It means a lot to me.”

Something most people wouldn’t know about Gonzalez is that she has a twin brother. Her values are community, care, and selfcare. Not only does she apply these values in her personal life, but she likes to instill this into her students. Gonzalez likes to read, travel, shop, go to concerts, watch tv, hang out with friends and family in her free time. “My biggest accomplishment in life is getting a masters degree, especially because I was the first to go to college in my family,” says Gonzalez. The people she looks up to most would be her grandparents. She describes them as hardworking and good providers for the family.

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