Winchester Mystery House 100th Anniversary Celebration!

SAN JOSE, CALIF. – Monday, September 5 marks the day that 100 years ago the Winchester Mystery house’s most renowned owner passed away in one of its many master bedrooms. Due to this momentous occasion, the current owners, Winchester Investments LLC, have decided to celebrate this occasion with wonders of programs and events specially designed to celebrate Sarah Winchester’s 100th death anniversary. 

Spiritual medium events, a whole new tour intended to ‘walk with the spirits’ and the return of past events are just the cream of the crop of what’s intended to happen with the all new Winchester house. Renowned mediums include James Van Praagh, creator of The New York Times best seller ‘Talking to Heaven’, who returns to the Winchester house to lead 25 special guests to the scare of their lives. 

Located in San Jose, California, the Winchester Mystery house is just a 17 minute drive from Silver Creek. Just 8 miles for a whole bunch of scare and fun for your whole family to enjoy. The new events are sure to be a blast! 

With the Winchester House winning a spot in the Guinness World Records with its astounding record of 38 years of continuous construction, people are sure to be interested in the home.

With a total of 161 rooms waiting to be discovered, the average tour is an hour and five minutes long with the longer tours lasting one hour longer. 24,000 ft² of area mostly explored in a whole tour. A whole lot of walking but worth it for the gorgeous sites. 

The reconstruction of the original home was made possible thanks to the fortune Winchester’s husband, William Wirt Winchester, left behind in case of his death. Of which unfortunately,  happened, no thanks to the discovery of tuberculosis a whole year after his passing, in 1881. William, being the treasurer of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, left 50% of the Winchester company, estimated to be worth over $20 million dollars, to the trust of his wife. Using the inheritance money, she was able to build the house we know today. With only one fourth of the money used to reconstruct the home, the house is estimated to be worth over five million dollars

Why was it that she had moved out of New England? According to a spiritualist, she had to move to sunny San Jose, California to appease the ghosts haunting her every move. Winchester was told that the ghosts haunting her life were victims of the repeating rifles created by her family business. The ‘ghosts’ had put a curse on her, that she must move west and continuously build a home for them without any delay no matter whether it be night or day. She had constructed the home in a way that would confuse the ghosts. With its staircases leading to nowhere and its door leading to a drop from the second floor, the layout of the home was surely to confuse a bunch of drunk individuals. 

It is said that Winchester had contacted spirits in her seance room located at the heart of the home. With some saying, she was taking advice on how to build the home from other friendlier ghosts. Many have told stories of her having used the room to keep in contact with her deceased husband and infant daughter who passed away from marasmus when she was just one month old. Marasmus being a digestive disorder resulted from low calorie deficiency causing severe weight loss in children, ages five and under. 

After the passing of Winchester, in her will, she had left the house into the care of her niece in her inheritance. But to the dismay of many, the same niece, Marion Marriott, auctioned off the home to the Winchester Investments LLC founders, John and Mayme Brown, for $135 thousand dollars. 

The house has been a tourist attraction for the city of San Jose ever since it’s been open to the public. Just west of interstate 880, is a tourist attraction beloved for its history and unique background. Having been there since the late 1880s, the people of San Jose are sure to have gained a familiarity with the home. After all, it’s been there for so long, having its construction there in 1884. 

Winchester Mystery House – View from above
photo credit; adobe stock photos – Tatiana Morozov

The reason Sarah Winchester had decided to continue constructing the house is still a mystery till this day. Many have made conspiracy theories based on the reason; building to get away from spirits, to get past her grief, etc. The Winchester house, truly, is a mystery as its name suggests. Visit now before the events go away! You may have to wait another hundred years if you don’t hurry. 

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