Why Silver Creek High School Should Let Their Students Choose Their Timetable

By Katherine Doan

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SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Students at Silver Creek High School this year were not given an option to choose their own starting time, causing an uproar amongst many students as there are many disadvantages to it. 

In the past, Silver Creek gave kids the choice of their start times. Because of the extreme chaos this year, Silver Creek made some changes. Many students oftentimes opt for an early or late timetable, but numerous kids were unaware that the school changed its schedule. The late schedule was moved to begin at 9:28 a.m., and the early schedule now starts at 8:30 a.m. Freshmen now have strictly late schedules this year, whereas sophomores, juniors, and seniors have early or late schedules. Due to the abrupt shift in the schedule, several students were in shock.

Riana Ngo, a student at Silver Creek, says, “I don’t think that it is fair that students were not given an option to choose when they start. The school decided that students would have schedules they may not even want.” As a student who received an unwanted late schedule, Ngo says, “Having a late schedule this year is hard because of how hot it is when going home at 4 p.m..”

As freshmen, some of us are familiar with how it feels to receive a late schedule, despite requesting an early one. People not being allowed to select their starting schedule has various downsides. Here are a few drawbacks students could experience: 

  1. Parents who have an early morning commute to work. 

To begin with, some students have parents who start their workdays early, making it inconvenient for parents to wait several hours before dropping off their children. Some parents have to travel long distances to get to their workplace. My mom and dad have to drive for an hour before they are at their workplace. Silver Creek students that have siblings are another aspect of this problem. It is not a good combination to have siblings with early schedules and you with a late schedule. Multiple older siblings may have to walk to school with their younger siblings, as younger siblings have a later timetable and must wait an hour before their class begins, while the older siblings start class at 8:30 a.m. My father has to go to work at 8 a.m., but with my schedule, he has to wait until 9:45 a.m. before he is able to go to work. I have an older brother who walks me to school before his class begins which helps with my situation, but some people may live further away. 

  1. Students receive large quantities of work with little time to complete them. 

In addition, many students attend five to seven classes every day. Certain teachers may give homework and others may not. Some teachers give more homework than others, making people with a late schedule unable to complete their homework at a fast and efficient pace. The late schedule requires those who received it to leave for home at 4 p.m. The time it takes for students to complete their homework varies depending on their schedule and the amount they receive. Because of their late schedules, a few friends of mine sometimes finish their schoolwork at 2 a.m., including myself. 

  1. There might not be enough time for students to complete their tasks.

Furthermore, a considerable number of students at Silver Creek take part in a program or activity after school. Freshmen attempt varieties of sports to determine which one they enjoy the most. Because school releases students at 4 p.m., many after-school clubs end at around 6 p.m. Even after class, students still have things they want to do in their free time. If I had the time after school to play a sport, I would do it, but my schedule doesn’t help with this situation. I have to be home before 5 p.m. so that I can finish my homework before midnight. 

Max Vo, a freshman, says, “I dislike having a late schedule as I have to go home later and complete my homework with less time than last year. I believe that giving the students an option for their timetables will have many advantages in later years.”

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