Upcoming Star, Ellis Marcel Carter

Ellis Carter, a senior at Silver Creek, is a singer-songwriter making music under the name of Marcel Garçon. He describes his music as “emo-pop with trap drums, string sections, and 808s.”

At a very young age, about five or six, Marcel was already exposed to the wonderful world of music from his parents, who would play records by Micheal Jackson and Stevie Wonder, sparking his passion for singing. He started to record his first songs when he was in first grade using his dad’s old iPhone. He then took a five-year break but continued to pursue music again when he was in 7th grade, where he began getting into production. 

Of course, as Marcel was starting to view music more seriously, he never thought he would be the lead vocalist in a band. He initially preferred to create songs and play the guitar, while having someone else as the singer. But his parents decided to sign him up for vocal lessons where he was able to learn proper singing techniques. “After a year or so of practice, I thought I sounded pretty alright. That’s kinda what led me to where I am today, singing my own stuff with no band or anyone else backing me,” Marcel said. He also mentions that the discovery of auto-tune and vocal effects in high school helped him enhance his singing ability. 

One of Marcel’s favorite self-composed songs is “Vintage Fashion,” which is also the first track of his recent musical project Teenage Heartbreak: The Mixtape.” During the time that this song was produced, Marcel was still in his old band, Extra Credit!, so the song was originally supposed to be part of their second EP but is now dropped. Playing around with his piano, the song revolved around a relationship he recently got out of, only more dramatized. He says, “My favorite thing about the track is that it kinda showcases that raw, uncut live energy I was going for with my band’s music at the time, mixed with the bright, hip-hop-inspired pop production I would later come to use in my solo stuff.” 

The cover of Marcel Garcon’s mixtape, Teenage Heartbreak. Photo from Spotify.

When asked who inspires him, Marcel says his friends (who also make music), influence him to become the best singer and composer, by encouraging him to constantly improve his work in order to reach their level. Not only are they his biggest inspiration, but also his biggest competition. He enjoys being around them while making music together and jamming out. In regards to famous musicians, Kanye West, The Beatles, Childish Gambino, and Fall Out Boy also inspire him and have an impact on him musically. 

“Shout out (to) Ninjandru, Simren, Mario Sanchez, Deadcowboy, and all the homies from jazz and Extra Credit (band),” he says.

Ellis Carter with the Extra Credit band members. Photo in courtesy of Ellis Carter.

Currently, Marcel has released one EP and one mixtape, but more exciting projects such as singles and collaborations are planned for 2021. His music can be listened to on any platform that provides streaming services, such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and Soundcloud, by searching his name, Marcel Garcon. Support Marcel on his musical journey as he aspires to become an influential artist in the music industry. He can also be found on Instagram and Twitter @marcelgarcon_. 

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