Finding the Perfect Balance

In high school, students pick up on more than just academic skills. Let us hear from Johnny Nguyen, a senior at Silver Creek High School, on what he has learned.


Photo courtesy of Johnny Nguyen

Decisions are supposed to be made this year, but for many seniors, it’s been proven to be more difficult considering that schools are still closed and everything has been converted to online. For a few seniors who have lost hope about graduation, prom, and other memorable events. Take a walk down memory lane with Johnny.

Living in San Jose, California, the area is submerged in a lot of diversity. From different types of multicultural school programs for its students, sports programs and community friendly recreational centers, taking advantage of it has been something Johnny has done. Growing up, his siblings were able to help him to find interest in badminton. “My older brother and sister got me into it. They brought me to an open gym once and I just fell in love with the atmosphere and the community.”

Through his passion for badminton, he was able to connect more with his friends, but it led to a struggle –finding balance between all the things he loves doing. Finding a solution was difficult because he had to reconsider his social life. When going over who kept him motivated and who inspired him, he found his solution there: “ My brother is my inspiration. He is able to succeed at school and find time for the things he enjoys.”

Outside of badminton and school itself, his social life consists of gaming on discord, watching YOUTUBE and Twitch. Spending time with friends and family is one way for Johnny to destress because it keeps him smiling.

If there’s one thing that Johnny has learned in highschool, it would definitely be about the importance of socializing. When asked what one piece of advice he could give to freshmen, this was his response: “Build your connections, with both friends and family. It’s always great to have someone you can rely on.”

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