Another Season of Fires Is Coming

Just when California came out of last year’s fire season, a worse one is coming. California ranks worst among all states for fire prevention according to the Washington post and that gap is beginning to widen.

Every year, hundreds of fires rage through California displacing millions of people, harming businesses, tourism, and reducing crop production. This year, these impacts are predicted to expand into a bigger intensity, and harm more unprepared counties across the state. Due to the plethora of fires every year, California’s fire agencies have been unable to control these fires on their own. They have been forced to request the aid of firefighters from other states and even some from Canada and Australia!

A number of occurrences have exacerbated the impact of fires. Climate change has been in the forefront, because raised temperatures provide ideal conditions for a fire to take place. 

To support fire agencies that battle fires for the protection of California citizens, even SCHS students can play a role. One can volunteer with humane societies to protect animals affected by fires. In addition to that, volunteers can donate hydration packs to fire agencies to reduce the cost needed for resources. More than all, citizens can allow volunteers from fire prevention organizations to remove all dry natural fuel. This gives less fuel to fires which reduces the amount of damage they can cause to a county. And like most of us may now know, people can go more green. This entails buying products locally to reduce emissions from shipping and pulling our unused bikes from the garage and using them whenever short distances need to be travelled.

In conclusion, if citizens support the fire agencies and the fire prevention organizations who strive for a better future, fires won’t cause the destruction that they do right now. Otherwise, the future will continually get worse for a state that has already experienced devastation and desolation.

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