BLACKPINK Coachella Performance: from the Eyes of a Fan Who Didn’t Attend in Person!

By: Valerie Sandoval

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — On April 15, 2023, Blackpink performed at Coachella, making a remarkable comeback to the stage. Being the first K-pop girl group to headline the festival, they made history.

The popular girl group was first invited to Coachella back in 2019 to perform as a new fresh act. Even though the girls weren’t the main act, many showed up just for them. Now, they are one of the most-known K-pop girl groups. 

They opened their Coachella performance with a remix of their sensational song “Pink Venom”, which was completely mind-blowing and made me so excited as if I was there in person. Each time Blackpink steps onto that stage, they bring more energy than the last. This year the girls came on stage with way more confidence than in 2019, as they are more comfortable performing on big stages in the U.S.

BLACKPINK giving an amazing performance at Coachella 2023.
Photo credit: Valerie Sandoval

They included many of their biggest hits in the night’s setlist, such as “Boombayah”, “How You Like That”, and many more. One of the most exciting performances of the night would be all of their solo performances. All the members really bodied their solos, as each was specifically made for them. Many fans were screaming and so overjoyed for each and every one of the girls, some even camped out at the venue for eight hours or more. 

There are so many BLACKPINK fans here at Silver Creek that loved this performance and watched it over on Coachella’s Youtube live as well. Although it’s not in person, many of us fans still get so thrilled about their performances. 

I was very satisfied with their performance, and the energy they gave. I really can’t wait for their next performances, either at Coachella, or bigger events in the future. The girls still release so many solo projects, as their latest album came out 9 months ago. 

They are a very talented group of girls, and they still have their North America tour happening at the moment. I am very excited about that! Don’t forget to check out BLACKPINK, and their discography. 

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