Silver Creek High School Adding Back ELD 1 & 2

By: Tony Nguyen 

SAN JOSE, CALIF— After more than a decade, Silver Creek High School finally started offering courses for ELD 1 and 2 again. This brought many opportunities for both  ELD middle school students and students with ELD 1 and 2 courses in other high schools wanting to attend Silver Creek. 

Silver Creek hasn’t offered any ELD 1 and 2 courses for the last 11 years, and this has led to many students that wanted to attend Silver Creek High School (but aren’t eligible for ELD 3), having to participate in other schools that offer lower-level English courses.

(Silver Creek High School logo)
Sources: Esuhsd Silver Creek website

This could bring a lot of opportunities for students that are at lower English level, as they now can apply to attend Silver Creek, and as a former ELD student, I think that this would help a lot of students academically, especially students who have recently moved to the U.S. From my experience when I first came to the US, everything felt overwhelming for me, and I struggled to understand what people are saying. I also think that Silver Creek High School is a perfect community for newcomers. Some Students at  Silver Creek High School suspected that the reason ELD 1 and 2 courses are being added is because of the finishing of the reconstructed building. Some also speculate that the school might hire more Teachers. Nonetheless, the school offering courses for lower English levels would help increase the school’s reputation. 

(19 out of 25 students at Silver Creek High School think that adding back ELD 1 and 2 would help increase the school’s reputation.)

Though this might bring some potential problems, such as not having enough classrooms for the new courses, or not enough students joining the courses, and it might potentially have to be shut down shortly. You may think that there will be a lot of students who would be in ELD, but in reality, as someone who had ELD before, the classroom is quite empty and often wouldn’t have more than 30 students in the classroom. Though I think that adding back ELD 1 and 2 would have a lot of good potential, and would bring many more varieties of students into our community. 

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