Ms. King, A Core Piece of Silver Creek

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Miss having Ms.King as a teacher? Fear not, she is now a ‘Teacher on Special Assignment’ (TOSA). 

Ms.King started working at Silver Creek about a decade ago. She started as an English teacher and yearbook teacher, then transferred to being  a TOSA to achieve a larger goal. When asked what inspires King to teach she said that it was exciting to create a learning environment that could be fun and meaningful to students while also changing the status quo. 

King is the advisor to Silver Creek’s ‘Student Equity Council’ (Sec). King explained the importance of students having a platform to be seen and heard. She believes the community of Silver Creek is a special and welcoming community with kind and artistic students. If given an opportunity to switch career paths, she would not take it because not only does she have a range of interests but she is service oriented, which gives her a better feel of purpose.

King wanted students to know that “Doing hard things are always worth it” and that “Just because it isn’t perfect doesn’t mean give up”. She also believes that you cannot expect someone else to learn what you want to learn, and if your interest is not in the class no one is stopping you from discovering that interest.

King’s road to teaching began as a kid. She would do things such as being a camp counselor, YMCA, leading kids as a kid. Essentially she had just always worked with children.

King spends her free time when not at school doing creative projects, trying new experiences, and spending time with those she cares about. 

Overall King is a positive force on campus who cares about the future and well-being of students at Silver Creek. 

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