Riot Games releases the new Ion 2.0 bundle.

Photo by YuQu

By Harold Nguyen

SAN JOSE, CALIF- On Oct. 18, Riot games introduced a new gun skin bundle. Based on the original bundle, the Ion 2.0 Bundle is priced at 7,100 Valorant points sharing the same VFX and finisher as the original. The bundle includes a skin for the Vandal, Ares, Spectre, Frenzy, and Melee. 

Released on Nov. 14, 2020, the original ion bundle exploded in popularity due to its “smooth and clean vfx”: it was named one of the most popular skins by Riot games. They decided to bring back the concept to the other guns such as the prime, and reaver 2.0 bundles, where they would apply the concepts to the other half of the guns. Although the skin bundle is based off of the original ion bundle, it does offer some new features such as being able to unlock different skin variants for each skin. In the new bundle, one is  able to unlock different skin tones for each skin type, such as blue, green and yellow.

In a survey consisting of 15 people, ten said that the skin wasn’t the best choice. Silver Creek student Logan Tran stated, “The bundle is pretty [expletive] but the vandal is nice, it’s the only good thing in my opinion.” Although most students had negative comments about the bundle, there were also some who overlooked the issues. A freshman by the name of Vincent Nguyen stated, “I think that the ion bundle vandal looks so good because it’s after kill effect.” 

At the end of the day, Riot released yet another “throwback bundle” costing you 70$. Although there were a lot of mixed opinions, it’s up to you to decide whether if it’s worth it or not. .

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