Will Covid-19 affect Silver Creek students participating in SAT?

By Toby Bon

SAN JOSE, CALIF. —During the 2022 – 2023 school year, a handful of students at Silver Creek will participate in SAT tests, however, scores from previous years compared to this year might be affected by Covid – 19.

The SAT is a test made for students to take to have scores that colleges can observe and see if the student is well prepared for most subjects and activities. This year, the test is still on paper, but in the future, it might change to digital. 

Student taking a test on paper at school.

Photo Credit: Ben Mullins on Unsplash

Some colleges will use the SAT for admission but the University of California and California State University systems aren’t using the SAT.

According to Silver Creek’s SAT information, the UC system will consider SAT scores after the student is allowed into the college which will be used for math and english. The CSU system will not take SAT scores when allowing students into their college and might use the scores as different requirements after enrolling. In Silver Creek’s informational google document, it also provides the dates of the SAT. 

In order to apply, you need to register before the deadline or when they have the last deadline for cancellation or late registration. The time range between registration and the actual test date is around a month and at most two weeks if you register late.

 When asking 10 students if they would take the SAT test, seven said yes while the other three said no. Consequently, an explanation of one person from each group to ask why they would or wouldn’t take the SAT. Leo Moreno Meza, a freshman who answered no, said, “The test will stress me out and it takes a long time to take.” On the contrary, Mingyu Yang, a freshman who did answer yes, stated, “I want to take the test so I can have a much higher chance of getting accepted into a widely known college or university. However, it will be decently hard to complete the test even if you study and very hard if you don’t.” 

According to the College Board the National SAT score for 2020 was 528 for Evidence – Based Reading and Writing (ERW) and 523 for Math, which adds up to 1051 total score average. Then in 2021 the score was 541 for the ERW and 538 for the Math, summing up to 1088, as stated by College Board. Evidence from OnToCollege claims that the national average of Aug 2022 has the total average of 1050. With ERW score to be 529 and Math score to be 521.

The SAT can affect students’ chances of being accepted into college which can be a deciding factor to their future. For students wanting to take the test, it is very important to study and prepare so that they can know their hard work impacts them. 

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