Savanna Kowalski: lifeguard, water polo player and so much more!

By Gabryela Reynoso

Oct. 16, 2022

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Silver Creek high school senior, Savanna Kowalski, juggles water polo, lifeguarding, school and a social life all while applying for college. 

Kowalski first began her water polo journey in freshman year when her P.E. teacher recommended that she join. She was always very fond of swimming and competed in outside programs; however, water polo was uncharted territory for her. She recalls the first time she attended practice and remembers telling her mom afterwards, “what am I getting myself into?” Although Kowalski was first weary about joining the team, she thanks her parents for giving her the push she needed because of how great the sport is and the people she’s met through it. 

Kowalski first started lifeguarding in the summer of 2022. She remembers the job being very tiring at first because she would work sometimes 10 hour days, almost every day a week. Since school has started Kowalski has shortened her availability to only the weekends so she can keep up with her main priorities: school and sports. Kowalski says she’s grateful for her job lifeguarding because of the amazing friendships she’s made and the overall experience she has gained. 

As college application season has arrived, Kowalski is proud to announce that she has finished her college apps and is relieved to see all her hard work start to come full circle. In college she hopes to get her teaching credentials and in the future she wants to become a teacher. As of now Kowalski’s dream school is San Diego State because of their amazing programs, location and so much more! In the future Kowalski hopes to teach either kindergarten or first grade, she believes she will excel in that field due to her love for children. “After helping out in schools with my mom, I’ve come to realize how much I enjoy teaching kids and can see myself doing this as a profession,” Kowalski says. 

Although Kowalski has a busy schedule and a multitude of responsibilities, she enjoys taking time to focus on the things she loves and spending time with her friends and family. Some of her hobbies include watching Jane the Virgin, being an active member of SC’s Animal Allies club, and spending way too much money on Lululemon. She also has three pets, a dog named Mika and two cats: Oakley and Flash. Overall Kowalski says she’s excited for college and wants to make her last year at Silver Creek memorable.

Kowalski taking a selfie before heading to her senior portrait appointment.
Photo Credit: Savanna Kowalski

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