After 3 Years Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Season 5 Returns

SAN JOSE, CALIF – More than 3 years after the last season of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, the new season of the manga adaptation “Stone Ocean” has finally been released on Netflix.

The season is set to have 38 episodes that will be released in three batches with the first two batches to have 12 episodes and the last batch to have 14. Like the past five previous seasons of the anime series, they have been produced by a studio called David Productions. 

The story is set on a young adult named Jolyne after she gets into a car crash that leads to her getting framed for murder and sentenced to 15 years in Green Dolphin Street Prison in Florida. 

Her father, Jotaro Kujo, then gives her a pendant that pierces her hand and causes her to form an unexplainable power inside of her called a stand. When Jolyne’s father comes to visit her after weird incidents, they decide to come up with a plan to escape the prison. During the time they are escaping, Jolyne’s dad is incapacitated by the enemy, who framed Jolyne to kill her in prison, and took her dad’s memory disc and stand disc. Jolyne then has to adventure through the prison to look for the enemy who has her father’s necessities while encountering different prisoners that could be allies or foes.

Jolyne Kujo and her father posing. (Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Majed Almafouh, a freshman at Silver Creek, stated that the new season was exciting and spoke about the characters. “I read the manga for Stone Ocean so I already knew about that story, but the anime is really good so far.” he said. Majed also explained that Netflix releasing a dozen episodes every few months was not an issue because he has a subscription anyways. “The plot and characters are really good in this season and past seasons.” Majed also said. He explained that he likes season one and season four of the anime.

The story also utilizes the characters of past seasons and current seasons. For example, when Majed mentioned season two of the show, they had the main character of the part named Joseph. Unlike other shows that throw away characters after they have been used, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure will use the characters to their fullest potential by dragging them into newer seasons. Characters like Joseph, have been applied to three seasons of the show. Decisions like keeping the characters around can leave watchers with new aspects of the characters, such as how their personalities have either changed or been kept the same. In the new season, the former protagonist of season three and side character of season four is now the father of the main character of season five Jolyne.

There are other attributes of the show that are provided to make watchers want to come back for the next episode or season. Producers of the show also include references to past seasons in certain scenes, mostly openings. The animation also contributes to the success by adding more emotion with the art style varying from colorful to darker shades of colors.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is an exciting show that features adventure, action, mystery, and the supernatural. It is a nice escape from the real world to a fantasy world featuring bizarre adventures with all of the main characters being in the same family bloodline but different stories in new eras.

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