Audrey Larnerd, the Multitasking Queen

Larnerd posing in nature Photo credit: Audrey Larnerd

SAN JOSE, CALIF. – Senior Audrey Larnerd is a busy gal, from being a club president by day to being a cheerleader at night, she has a lot on her plate. 

Larnerd has quite a spectrum of extracurriculars. She is president of the Drama Club, Vice President of NHS (National Honor Society), Vice President of Social Activism, and Captain of the swim team and she is on varsity in cheer. Literally, what can’t she do?

Larnerd has done swimming for all 4 years of high school on the varsity team. And, all her experience has led her to become captain of the team.  She has meets every Thursday during the season and competes in backstroke and distance freestyle events. 

Along with doing swim, Larnard has recently joined the varsity cheerleading team this year. They practice many stunts, dances, and obviously cheers. Being on the cheerleading team gave her an outlet to hang out with friends and it also gave her an opportunity to fit some exercise into her busy schedule. 

Larnerd loves being part of her school sports. “A school sport allows you to build a community within itself that is outside all of your other activities, almost like a safe space.”

When Larnerd sees an opportunity, she immediately takes it at hand. And, with being the Vice President of Social Activism club she is able to help out her community and make changes in the world. In social activism, she focuses on women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights, disability rights and climate change. This club gave her an outlet to focus on all those issues in one place.  

Larnerd isn’t just the Vice President of Social Activism but she is also the vice president of the National Honor Society here at Silver Creek. National Honor Society recognized her skills in leadership, academics and commitment; she was the perfect fit for the position. 

She is a very social person. She loves to preform and her love for preforming in productions has led to her to becoming President of the Drama Club. She has always loved the arts to the point where she has been in many productions throughout her lifetime. 

Larnerd obviously loves filling up her schedule but she does make sure to put school first and do activities that she likes to do without straining herself too much. To manage her time, she uses a calendar and a planner to write everything down and keep track of what she has to do.  She makes sure that everything is thoroughly organizied before she gets to work. 

Though others may hate being busy, Larnerd constantly thrives off of it. She truly is an ambitious person and such a go-getter. 

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