Australian man claims to be the secret child of King Charles III and his wife Camilla 

(Photograph of Simon Charles Dorante-Day in comparison to King Charles III. Photo Credit: Thu Nguyen)

By: Thu Nguyen

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — A 56-year-old man from Australia named Simon Charles Dorante-Day claims to be the son of the newly crowned King Charles III. 

Dorante-Day came out to the media decades ago claiming that he is the secret son of King Charles III and crowned Queen Camilla. With the recent death of Queen Elizabeth, who passed away peacefully at age 96, her son Charles became the new monarch. With the spotlight on the royal family, Dorante-Day’s accusations of who his biological parents are have come to light. 

Dorante-Day, born in the UK, affirmed that he is the love child of the now king and Queen, conceived when they were barely teenagers in 1965. Charles was 17 and Camilla 18. 

Dorante-Day was born in April 1966 in Gosport, Portsmouth, UK. At the fresh age of just eight months, a family with ties to Queen Elizabeth adopted him. Dorante-Day claims that Camilla had kept him from birth, but by then, he was getting too old, and then the Queen had arranged for him to get adopted by one of her loyal former house staff. The grandparents of his adopted family, Winifred and Ernest Bowlden, had both worked for the Queen and Prince Phillip in one of their royal estates. The latter also appeared to have received an Imperial Service Award.

Dorante-Day asserts that his grandmother had told him the truth of his birth origins many times, claiming that he is indeed Camilla and Charles’ child. 

To prove his argument, Dorante-Day has provided numerous pieces of evidence pointing out the similarities in features between him and his alleged mother, Queen Consort Camilla.

Photograph of Simon Charles Dorante-Day in comparison to Queen Consort Camilla. Photo credit: Thu Nguyen

Dorante-Day has been fighting for a DNA test to prove that his genes are indeed royal genetics since 2018. 

Senior Malika Singh expresses her opinion on the matter. “The resemblance is pretty shocking,” she says. “He has the same three lines on his forehead as the King.” 

Is he really the King’s love child? Will the royal family acknowledge the rumors? Will King Charles III give a sample of his DNA for a paternity test?

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