A Turning Point for a Generation: 2022 Graduation Events

Andrew Yoshioka

March 23, 2022

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Seniors at Silver Creek High are preparing to graduate this June, ready to move on and pursue their future. With the Senior Prom coming up on May 7 and other end of the year school events such as elections for class officers and Creekchella, every student has something to look forward to.

Many of these events are more special this year, as due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of these events were canceled last year. The Class of 2021 didn’t have a senior prom, which is something the Class of 2022 has a chance to enjoy. Ultimately, many seniors are counting the days until May 23 for their final exams and June 2, the day of their official graduation. While many seniors are going with the flow until their final days, it’s important that they maintain good grades to avoid rejection from colleges.

Some seniors are waiting to get their cap and gown, while some got theirs back in October. All will be worn in June when we all graduate. 

It’s honestly appalling to think about how far this generation has come. Many seniors this year are incredibly sociable, both with themselves and within their classes. They also seem more laid back, perhaps from the last year being entirely distant. As a 2022 graduate myself, this year has felt like a final lap: albeit one that’s incredibly ardorous. A lot of the gossip I’ve heard from others my age contain a lot of excitement to get off campus, and I fully agree with that perspective.

It’s honestly insane, thinking about everything that has come throughout the last four years. Back in 2018, I doubt anyone could have foreseen what was to come, with an entire global pandemic. We spent an entire year stuck at home and another year stuck with masks on. And yet, we made it through, we managed to power through some of the hardest years of our lives. Senior Jenny Ku mentions “It’s been a rough four years for everyone, both personally and educationally, but we managed to make it through. I think that really shows the raider spirit we have.”

If you’re a senior reading this, feel strong. You managed to persevere and complete high school despite the pandemic. A once in a lifetime accomplishment, and we’re all going to walk up together knowing that.

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