A Patriot at Silver Creek

SAN JOSE, CALIF – One may not imagine there is a patriot walking  Silver Creek’s halls who graduated from Basic Combating Training (BCT) this summer. Her name is Amrinderjeet Kaur.

During BCT, one is introduced to the rules and regulations of becoming a soldier: an extreme amount of discipline, respect and teamwork. BCT usually lasts for ten weeks, andOnce graduated, a soldier moves on to Advanced Individual Training. Once this phase is completed, a soldier moves on to learn the skills for their Military Occupational Specialty.

Photo Courtesy: Amrinderjeet Kaur, Basic Combat Training Graduation  

Photo Courtesy: Amrinderjeet Kaur, Basic Combat Training Graduation  

In March 2021, Kaur was enlisted in the U.S. Army Reserves. She had always been fascinated in military services from a young age. One day, a recruiter happened to text her about an army program that a high schooler at age 17 could join. The program would be strenuous, demanding a great deal of effort and commitment. Kaur quickly jumped on the opportunity and soon commenced her three month long training. She says, “I had an amazing experience in my BCT where I got challenged physically and mentally. It was definitely not easy to graduate but I did it and here I am.” In order to prepare for the program, she says the Silver Creek NJROTC instilled the necessary skills in her to succeed.

Kaur was aided constantly by her teachers, family, friends and herself. BCT seemed difficult and intimidating at times for her. When she felt low, Kaur reaffirmed her desire to serve in the military. She says, “All it takes is discipline and motivation to keep you moving.” 

Kaur advises students who want to follow in her footsteps to motivate themselves constantly. She says,“Always have two paths where if one stops, the other is ready for you to step into and do great things from.” Her motivation to enter BCT was her dedication to serve and challenge herself.

In the foreseeable future, Kaur plans to use the knowledge she acquired to help another aspiring service person. Kaur closes, “The key is motivation. If you don’t have it, then good luck.”

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