How to NOT study for finals.

On the first episode of The Mara Show, we talk about avocados, pasta, colonization, racial slurs, Olivia Rodrigo, Megan Thee Stallion and respond to you guys!

Transcript Preview:

Mindy (00:01)
I don’t know how to start.

Tara (00:02) Hi, Mindy.

Mindy (00:03)
Hi, Tara. Okay, guys, this is our first ever podcast ever, I said ever already.

Mindy (00:11)
I’m in her bedroom.

(00:12) [Intro Music]

Mindy (00:45)
Oh, I deleted the form. I might need to restart, I don’t know. This is kind of awkward.

Tara (00:51)
Okay, I could just edit the whole thing. I could just leave it like, one thing.

Mindy (00:54) Where’s the form?

Tara (00:59)
Yay. Okay, so we just had some pasta. It was very heavy in the green. So if you hear, like, don’t worry about it. Okay.

Tara (01:08) Thank you.

Mindy (01:09)
So if you hear any like *fake toot noise* It’s not us. It’s the wind.

Mindy (01:17)
It had avocados.

Tara (01:19)
Yeah, we basically had guacamole pasta.

Mindy (01:22)
It was, like, good

Tara (01:23)
Minus the like… cultural appropriation.

Mindy (01:25)
That’s cultural appropriation!?

Tara (01:26)
I don’t know! I feel like if you put guacamole on pasta, that feels very wrong,

Mindy (01:31)
Wait no but it’s like two colonizers together. Wait, is Italian a colonizer?

Tara (01:37) I don’t know.

Mindy (01:37)
I feel like Italy is too small to be a colonizer. Okay, but the Roman Empire.

Tara (01:41)
Have you seen Spain?

Mindy (01:42)
Well, Spain is not guacamole, but Spain is a tiny country that colonized like everybody.

Mindy (01:49)
I don’t know! Maybe they have, like, big guns or something. I’m so bad at history.

Tara (01:55)
You’re bad at history.

Tara (02:00)
Okay yeah, finals season is coming up, and we’re going to be talking about that today. But first, we’re going to talk about our guac–it’s not even guacamole pasta. Avocado pasta.

Mindy (02:08) Avocado pasta.

Mindy (02:09)
It was from TikTok.

Tara (02:10) From Trace oats.

Mindy (02:11)
Traceoats? It had Gua. No, not guacamole, avocado, basil.

Tara (02:19) That we added.

Mindy (02:20)
It wasn’t in the recipe?

Mindy (02:21)
It wasn’t in the recipe. It was a good call.

Tara (02:22)
It was a good call. That’s why I said it was a good call earlier.

Tara (02:25)
What was it? A bad call? “You use to call me on my-” Wait sorry I wanted to sing Hotline Bling. Is that copyrighted?

Tara (02:36)
Is it copyrighted If you’re not playing the song, if it’s just acapella. I don’t know. There’s this one. Adele.

Mindy (02:44)
A lot of Adele’s music. If you’re making a karaoke video or a lyric video, you’re not allowed to put the

lyrics in it because the publisher doesn’t allow it for some reason. I don’t know why

Tara (02:53) That’s, like, insane.

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