BLM in Silver Creek

The Black Lives Matter movement and cries to end systemic racism has shown greater strength than ever over the past few years nation-wide and beyond. Young people, in particular, have been a significant part of this movement and peaceful protests. As we have watched so many teenagers and students stand up for racial justice, we must acknowledge the need for schools to incorporate better education on the topic of race, as well as better resources to support Black students and other students of color. 

At Silver Creek, the Black Student Union stands in the center of this dialogue. BSU is a club that unites Black students on campus to come together, discuss current events, and share their experiences. They aim to benefit the understanding of many on racial issues in our society.

Recently, BSU held a BLM conference with the Social Activism club to talk about systemic racism in our schools and communities, police violence, and how everyone can uplift Black voices. It was also a chance for non-Black people to hear what Black people undergo living in this day and age.

As such, BSU is working hard to uplift youth voices.

“We’re really trying to use our voices to show the younger generation that age is no defier,” said Joy Trim, the President of BSU. 

A regular BSU meeting includes discussing current events and past events that pertain to Black issues, planning future projects and fundraisers, and promoting local Black-owned businesses.

Discussing current news became an important addition to their meetings in light of recent issues that unfold systemic racism.

“We felt it was important that our students stay up to date about what’s going on in the world,” said Brianna Holmes, the Secretary of BSU. 

BSU’s presence is important in Silver Creek because it gives representation and voice to Black students in our campus that are heavily dominated by the Asian and Latinx communities.

“BSU gives students a sense of belonging and a place where they can embrace their heritage and bond with students like themselves, while also creating activities and sharing new ideas with students that aren’t like themselves,” Brianna said. 

Although there are challenges to speak and educate during these times where contact is limited to communication on social media, BSU is currently planning on a school-wide webinar with the Social Activism club where they speak on Black issues, uplift Black voices, and discuss how Black leaders have changed society for people today. This event will take place on Saturday, February 27th, in the honor of Black History Month.

Check out more information and updates from BSU on their Instagram page: @silvercreek_bsu

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