Valentine’s Day During a Pandemic

Valentine’s Day is nearing but amidst the pandemic, celebrating it may look a little different than the usual romantic dinners and getaways. Here are 4 ways to celebrate Valentine’s during Covid either with friends, a special partner, or with family.

  1. Picnic in the Park- Going out under the beautiful sunny weather while eating cake and food such as sandwiches, fruits, and maybe even including a special charcuterie board, are one of the highlights in a picnic. After the eating portion is finished, you can play board games and participate in cute activities such as having a photo-shoot to remember the memorable Valentine’s Day.
  2. Bake Goodies- What better way to enjoy the holiday than to bake your favorite treats with company. You can design your own baked goods, like heart shaped cookies or frosted cupcakes with red and pink sprinkles and with other Valentine’s Day related decor.
Photo in courtesy of Pillsbury

“I plan to buy a customized gift for my loved one… either that or chocolate dipped strawberries!” – Fatima Duong, Silver Creek High School Senior

3. Watch (Romantic) Movies- Watching romance movies such as The Notebook, The Fault in Our Stars, or Five Feet Apart becomes so much more enjoyable when you share it with your loved ones. A good idea is to watch a movie with friends over a Zoom call, so that everyone can see it together while practicing social distancing. But who says Valentine’s Day only consists of romance genres, horror or comedy films are entertaining too! Any movie is fun to watch when you’re sharing it with someone.

“I’m making a lunchbox cake and eating it with my family. I’m also going to watch tv shows on Netflix and feed my dog treats.” – Yvonne Lai, Silver Creek High School Freshman

Photo in courtesy of About A Mom

4. Create Cute Gift Baskets- Nothing is more special than receiving a personalized gift. Create a gift basket for friends, family, and or that special someone. Fill it with goodies and special decorations that you think they will love. Add candy bars, chocolate boxes, stuffed animals, and even flowers to show your appreciation on Valentine’s. Once your basket is full, drop them off! Exchanging gift baskets is also something everyone can participate in. The art of giving goes hand in hand with receiving.  

Don’t let the pandemic ruin Valentine’s Day. Here are just a few ways to enjoy the holiday. Valentine’s doesn’t restrict its celebration to couples only, it’s a day to share the love to anyone and everyone special.

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