Kindergartner Is Pronounced Dead From Covid 19

Photo By Sally Anscombe/ Getty Images

Parents Lastassija White and Quince Drone reported to the NBC affiliate that their daughter Tagan, at five years old, died suddenly and unexpectedly after a short battle with the COVID-19.

Tagan’s mother described her, as an intelligent young girl, who studied and followed all norms with a sense of obedience, and would remind others to follow them as well.

Tagan passed away on Friday, Oct 30, on the day she got diagnosed with COVID-19. It started with Tagan being very exhausted. Later, she started vomiting, and her mother took her to the emergency department. That’s where Tagan was tested positive with coronavirus. White informed KAMR- TV that doctors said that her daughter “would be fine” because it “doesn’t affect kids”. Throughout the evening, Tagan continued to grow weaker. When Tagan became unresponsive, her parents called the ambulance. She passed away shortly after this incident.

In an interview from the KAMR, Tagan’s father said,“This doctor told us that our child would be fine, and our child didn’t even make it twenty-four hours. She died within the next fifteen hours.”

Quince Drone continued and explained, “they probably shouldn’t have sent her home. I mean it was just mistakes made… too many mistakes made that cost a five-year-old her life.” While Tagan’s parents are dealing with this devastation, they want to spread awareness so that the same mistakes do not happen again. 

Since March, 277,285 Covid-19 cases in children have been reported. Although coronavirus deaths in children remain rare, we should all do what is best for our families to stay safe and healthy during these uncertain times. As numb as we become to the words “Coronavirus” or  “Covid-19” and become used to it, we must remain alert and remind ourselves of how serious it is. All of our actions and decisions do affect others. This is a reminder to choose and act wisely for all of our loved ones.

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