Will the Sharks be Forced out of San Jose?

On November 12, 2020, the San Jose Sharks released an open letter to fans regarding the development around SAP Center which may cause the team to move elsewhere. 

The main concern with this new development plan first began with Google’s proposal of a new campus in Downtown San Jose, which would surround the Shark Tank (San Jose’s SAP Center.) The project now dubbed “Downtown West” would mean the loss of all parking space for the arena, constricting the flow of traffic, and the disruption of however many years it may take with construction. This creates a new issue that may lead to fans no longer wanting to come to Shark’s games with these added obstacles. 

Jonathan Becher, the team’s president, said on social media, “Let me be clear. We want to stay in San José at @SAPCenter. We are supportive of development and public transportation but must ensure guests will be able to safely and conveniently access the arena for #SJSharks games, concerts, and other events.” 

In other words, the Sharks support the city’s development but see leaving San Jose as a last resort. As this event continues, they are still urging fans to speak up with local elected officials and to keep an eye on the upcoming community meetings in the upcoming months. 

The San Jose Sharks haven’t played a game in the SAP Center since March due to the precautions made to prevent the spread of COVID-19 amidst the ongoing pandemic. COVID-19 is a new infectious disease that is known to be spread quickly and affects the respiratory system and is known for causing many complications. The likeliness of the next game hitting the Shark Tank is unknown, especially with the fluctuating number of cases within the Bay Area. 

Until we can be cheering for our favorite players at the Shark Tank, keep an eye out for the developing news of San Jose’s favorite hockey team. 

Photo from the Mercury News

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