ONEUS Breaks Hearts with Digital Single “BBUSYEO”

After months of teasing, South Korean boy group ONEUS releases their first digital single “BBUSYEO.”

ONEUS opens up December with their new song, “BBUSYEO”, which was revealed to the public earlier at their first online concert “Crush on Us.” Fans were excited, delighted, and scared for the sudden release of the single. Prior to its release, ONEUS members spoiled “BBUSYEO” with a series of emojis on Twitter, including the hammer emoji, boxing glove, and even a toilet emoji. Though it was exciting, many TOMOONS, their fandom, couldn’t hold back their eagerness for the song itself. 

“BBUSYEO” is a bright, energetic song with the saxophone as its main instrument and a bass guitar melody line. Its hook illustrates the heart-fluttering feeling you get when a cute person smiles, singing “Oh, you smiled! You break my heart into pieces, BBUSYEO!” Bbusyeo, or 뿌셔, is the incorrect, or rewritten way of 부숴 (pronounced “bu-swo”), meaning to break something in Korean. 

ONEUS members also got the chance to showcase their acting abilities in the colorful music video, as well as sneaking in some spoilers. In the music video, member Hwanwoong’s phone had a text message notification, saying “2021 January,” possibly teasing a comeback in the upcoming month. 

You can find their music video on Youtube and download the song on Apple Music, Spotify, etc. 

What else does ONEUS have in store?

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