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Tiffany Tran
Class of 2021
Broadcast Journalist

Tiffany is a senior from SCHS who genuinely loves all kinds of entertainment, be it music, podcasts, videos, everything. She's been studying music/vocals since she was 10 and is now doing covers on YouTube (search TT TRACK) with her sister. Music is considered her entire life and her destiny. She enjoys studying new languages and can currently speak 5, with no intention of stopping at a certain number. Tiffany likes to be around people and really hates spending time alone, especially on a weekend. She hangs out with her cousin and sister almost every week, getting boba and food to spoil themselves. Tiffany considers herself to have a friendly, almost explosive personality and can get along with everyone, and hopes to make a lot of friends everywhere.

"You are your own standard." - Hongjoong Kim/김홍중, 'Good Lil Boy' lyrics