What’s the Silver Creek Swim Team up to?

By Audrey Huynh

March 13, 2023

SAN JOSE, CALIF.– The Silver Creek High School swim team is currently in the middle of their season, working hard every day to create a fun and successful term.

The spring sports season officially began on Jan. 31, and the swim team has been in full swing since then. Practices are held every morning and afternoon, from 6:30 to 8 a.m. and 4:15 to 5:30 p.m. The early practice is dedicated to the Varsity team or those on Junior Varsity who wish to compete and practice with Varsity, and the later practice is reserved for swimmers on Junior Varsity.

All Silver Creek students were encouraged to join and try out, regardless of experience level. With swimming being a no-cut sport, everyone has a position on the team and has the opportunity to train, swim, and improve. The only cut is if attendance is poor, where the athlete would then be excluded from that week’s meet.

Competitive diving is also offered, with practice hours following the conclusion of the afternoon sessions. The diving team is not nearly as big as the main swim team, consisting of only one athlete while the swim contains roughly 80 athletes.

Practice usually begins with dry-land stretching, then several laps of warm-up in water. The coaches train the swimmers to improve their technique and time of the four types of strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly through varying drills. It comes down to the seconds in swimming, so every moment matters and makes a difference in the outcome.

Meets are held every week on Thursday against other schools in the Santa Teresa Division of the Blossom Valley Athletic League. With only a total of six meets spanning throughout the season, the swimmers work hard to make them memorable ones that include both wins and fun. Freshman Celina Tran on Junior Varsity says, “I like the competitive aspect of the meets. It’s very fun.” 

Team manager Mikim Nguyen comments, “I think the swimmers are hard-working and deserve a fun season!”

“Swim is such a fun sport. I’ve met new people and have found my love for the sport and fellow swimmers,” says diver Tessa Fischer.

The Silver Creek High School swimming pool.

Photo credits: Mikim Nguyen

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