Deranged Cookie Monster Roams Santa Cruz Pier

Santa Cruz Police interacting with Sandler

By: Mia De La Cerda

SAN JOSE, CALIF- Santa Cruz police are warning visitors not to approach man dressed in a Cookie Monster suit on the Santa Cruz Pier, first seen late March.

Surprisingly, this is not the first time the Cookie Monster has done acts similar to this. He can be seen as early as 2012 dressed as Elmo in Times Square. The man, named Adam Sandler, has made himself known on Santa Cruz Pier by harassing visitors. Sandler has committed similar acts in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York.

Police are warning people not to interact with Sandler due to his aggressive history. In 2012, Sandler was taken to the Metropolitan Hospital Center in New York due to making anti-Semitic comments outside the parks zoo. Sandler was reportedly also arrested at another time for grand larceny. SCPD are currently unable to remove Sandler form the pier at this time as he is exercising his First Amendment Right. It is urged that you are a victim or witness to a crime committed by Sandler, to contact the Santa Cruz Police Dept immediately.

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