Former New York Mets player unexpectedly dies young 

SAN JOSE, CALIF.—On Feb. 27, 2023, former New York Mets pitcher Matt Pobereyko died at the age of 31.

Pobereyko was found lying on the floor unresponsive and pronounced dead by the police chief at the incident scene. He was suspected of having passed away due to a heart attack. Hector Gomez, an infielder free agent, was the first person to report the incident.

Poberyko played two winter seasons and in the Mexican league for Algodoneros de Guasave. And the team mourns his passing by placing a wreath on the pitcher’s mound at Kuroda park with his number 56. Poberyko’s death leaves much sadness in his loved one. 

New York Mets Team Logo
(Source: Wikimedia)

His family said that “they saw him earlier in the week and he seemed to be perfectly fine”. His brother Daniel Pobereyko said, “he just dropped, that’s all we know”. Although many suspected that his death was caused by a heart attack, there isn’t much public information about it. A DuPage County coroner’s spokesman also stated that the cause of death is pending further investigation. It is likely that it will be a while till more information about the cause of death.

Many clubs also tweeted their condolences for the players. But the team Pobereyko signed his contract with Saraperos de Saltillo have not to give any further information about his death.

It is very unfortunate to see such a young player that has so much potential pass away. But there are more things that we can look forward to for the Mets in the Major league baseball season, with their roster.

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