By: Dana Guevara

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Bonnie Ngo is a senior at Silver Creek High School who specializes in crocheting in her everyday life. 

Ngo started crocheting during the pandemic when she and her best friend, Kiera Hardy, joined the after-school asset program where she found her love of crocheting. She initially just wanted to find something that would occupy her time and the rest is history. 

She is a truly amicable person with a big heart. She loves giving away her creations because the thought of being able to produce something of her own that brings people happiness, brings her joy as well. 

Ngo isn’t just amicable, she’s genuinely talented. She’s a high school student by day and a crocheter by night. She has made a whole spectrum of things ranging from flowers and amiguramis (mini character figurines) all the way to baby beanies and boleros. But her all-time favorite is baby beanies! She LOVES making baby beanies. “I love love making baby beanies because I get to give a mother or even a new mother something they can cherish forever from their child’s first day born if they chose to keep it or not. I also love their reactions as they never expect to get a beanie.” she states.

Photo Caption: Kiera Hardy holding flowers made by Bonnie Ngo. Photo Credit: Bonnie Ngo

When asked if she has any advice for individuals who are just starting to crochet, she said “It can be difficult at first but in my opinion what you get to create in the end is so worth it so if you can work through the learning curve and try it out!”

Ngo doesn’t just crochet, she’s invested in a bunch of other extracurriculars! She’s part of a number of sports Silver Creek offers leadership, ASB, and a variety of clubs such as VSA (Vietnamese Student Association), FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America, and even Lion Dance Club. In each of the clubs she’s in, she vastly enjoys the connections she has built throughout the years. She loves being part of each and every club as she is able to spread her culture and compete with other schools all around the Bay Area.

Photo Caption: Hillary Huynh and her crochet flowers from Ngo. Photo Credit: Bonnie Ngo

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