A look into Silver Creek’s Class Office Rally

SAN JOSE. CALIF – On April. 14 – Silver Creek students from classes 2023, 2024, and 2025, participate in a rally for class office elections. All photos were taken by Abigail Cordobes.

Candidates taking a picture before the rally
Students standing by ready 
to watch the activities 
2023 Spirit Leader candidate Katelyn Nguyen giving out promotional balloons
ASB Spirit Leader, Chance Ilusorio, posing for a picture before the rally began.
Angela-Kate San Juan giving her speech re-running for 2025 Class President.
Class of 2025 candidates preparing their speeches
Class of 2023 Spirit Leader candidates
Students getting ready to get the worms out of the cream
Whipped cream pies with worms that the contenders have to get out
Students cleaning up the messy whip cream out of their faces
2025 secretary candidate Jenny walking away after getting pied in the face
Class of 2024 Minh Le getting assistance from Class of 2023 Spirit Leader candidate Audrey Larnerd

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