Class of 2021

My Top Ten Songs That Got Me Through High School

In no particular order, this list of ten songs has made itself relevant to my four years of high school. Whether it be through an emotional connection or pure replayability, these songs hold a special place in my heart.

  1. “In My Blood” by Shawn Mendes
Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia

I was going through a rough time during freshman year, and Shawn Mendes released this song just in time to pick up my spirits. The meaning of the song resonated with me during that time and hearing the song in concert with thousands of voices yelling out the lyrics was a wonderful experience. I also wrote an OP-ED on this song in freshman year, so it clearly has a lot of meaning to me. 

2. “Agoraphobic” by CORPSE

Photo Courtesy of Genius

This Lo-Fi song greatly differs from his usual discography, but it’s such a comforting song. The rain in the beginning and the replayability of the song makes me come to it every week or so. I really admire CORPSE and his music, and “Agoraphobic” just happens to be my favorite song of his.

3. “I Hear a Symphony” by Cody Fry

Photo Courtesy of Genius

The instrumentals of this song are beautifully executed and hearing it in an empty hall would be such a blessing. The classical music nerd in me gets very happy when I listen to this song; it’s like a satisfying scratch to my ear. I genuinely think I’ve found the song I want to walk down the aisle to for my wedding.

4. “Heat Waves” by Glass Animals

Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia

This song reminds me of my Minecraft phase that got revived during quarantine. “Heat Waves” basically represents my obsession and growing participation in such a nostalgic online community that I enjoy being a part of. Usually, the alternative or indie genre isn’t what I go to when I listen to music, but Glass Animals is the exception.

5. “Alexander Hamilton” by the Original Broadway Cast Recording

Photo Courtesy of Theater Mania

My Hamilton phase originated in middle school, but with Disney+ releasing a live action recording of the musical with the Original Broadway Cast, my Hamilton obsession got revived during summer of 2020. I’ve probably watched the musical about 100 times, and I happily belt to all the songs. Hopefully, by the time COVID-19 settles down, I could go watch Hamilton in an actual theatre.

6. “Sunflower, Vol. 6” by Harry Styles

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

By far, my favorite song off Styles’s Fine Line album. The boops in the outro and the absolute good vibes that this song gives off makes my serotonin skyrocket every time I listen to it. “Sunflower, Vol. 6” is a national treasure, and more people should talk about how exceptionally executed this song is.

7. “good 4 u” by Olivia Rodrigo

Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia

This song is so reminiscent of the 2000s punk rock aesthetic, and the beat just makes you want to listen on repeat forever. I could probably put this song on my top favorite songs of all time; the replayability factor is just insane. I can’t wait until her album drops; I just know I’m not going to skip any song off of it.

8. “Magic” by One Direction

Photo Courtesy of Genius

I associate “Magic” with the happy days before quarantine began since the ten-year anniversary of One Direction happened right before COVID-19 got serious. “Magic” is such a banger, solely because of the nostalgia and the fact that it’s One Direction. I genuinely think this song could’ve had the potential to reach the top of the music charts if they actually released it, instead of gate keeping it.

9. “She Looks So Perfect” by 5 Seconds of Summer

Photo Courtesy of Genius

This song symbolizes where my boy band phase started and has continued throughout high school. It’s so nostalgic, and you can’t not scream it out when you listen to it, even if the lyrics are kind of questionable at parts. I can’t wait to actually get to listen to them perform one of their albums live once COVID-19 settles down.

10. “When Will My Life Begin?” by Mandy Moore (From Tangled)

Photo Courtesy of Youtube

Tangled is the Disney comfort movie I watch whether I’m bored or just in a bad mood. Mandy Moore has such a lovely voice, and the cheery vibes of this song make for a good mood booster.

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