The Girl with a Passion for the Arts

A student from Silver Creek High School reveals her interest in singing and acting and how she was able to continue her talents in school.

Celeste Doshi, a senior at Silver Creek High School started to take interest in singing at just six years old. “Way before I could get a note out,” as she described it. A couple of years later, she also became interested in acting during her middle school years, when she began participating in musicals. 

Singing has been her passion ever since she first watched The Jonas Brothers perform live and she plans on pursuing performing arts in college. As a kid, Celeste remembers watching the “Camp Rock” movie that featured Demi Lovato to and was obsessed with the songs that played in the film. She also attempted to learn the lyrics and dances from the movie that she later performed for her family.

First photo in courtesy of Celeste Doshi.       Second photo in courtesy of Vulture. 
Demi Lovato is Celeste’s role model and inspiration.

“She has a crazy powerful voice and such an inspiring story and is someone I really look up to.”

Celeste Doshi.

Prior to attending Silver Creek, Celeste was the new girl from New Jersey at the start of junior year and didn’t know what to expect. “I found the students and teachers very welcoming and willing to help me out. Even though I got lost a lot for the first few months, I eventually found my way around and made really great friends,” she said. 

Regardless of her situation, she still wanted to continue acting and singing, so she decided to join Silver Creek’s drama class. She loved how a lot of her assignments included music and she enjoyed watching different types of musicals. Additionally, she enjoyed completing fun projects. One project she highlighted was making a parody of “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars about Mona Lisa, which she later performed for the class.

Currently, Celeste is playing the role of the Wicked Witch of the West in Silver Creek’s Wizard of Oz virtual play. To get into character, she practices her lines every day and would sometimes dress up as her character when she gets the chance. Since the drama had to be done virtually, there were some difficulties from the microphone and delay issues, but she was able to overcome them and the play was a success in the end. 

To cope with nervousness while performing, she tries to practice her lines frequently and, when on stage she finds a person in the audience to look at while performing because it helps her calm down. 

Celeste encourages fellow performers to enjoy and trust the process of improvement. “It’s totally normal to feel scared or uncomfortable at first, but the more you practice and perform, the better you get,” she said.

Check Celeste out on her singing platforms on Instagram @singingwithceleste where she posts a lot of covers of her favorite songs and her YouTube channel with the account name, Celeste Doshi.

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