Should Teens Look Up to These Influencers as Beauty Standards ?

Social media plays a huge role in the beauty world ‘influencers now on public platforms have made a big impact on teens’ views on beauty standards. Unrealistic beauty standards cause teenagers to try and alter their appearance in order to fit in with the perfect image. Nowadays many teens have social media and idols who they look up to including the Kardashians who are a well-known family that has a reality TV show.

One of the family members, Kylie Jenner, is especially famous among teens because she has many social media platforms. Many teens see Kylie as an idol due to the fact that she started a makeup business when she was just 17 years old and is now the youngest billionaire.

 Although teens some her business plan is strategic, Kylie has also earned her income from her family’s TV show, which was already making thousands of dollars. In addition, she is also making money from social media for posting and advertising brands. It is also important to note that she is the beauty standard for most teens. However, Kylie Jenner did not embrace her natural beauty and instead turned to plastic surgery and makeup. This is shown in photos that she uploaded on social media compared to the ones that paparazzi took.

On the left side of the photo you can see Jenner without makeup and on the right you can see Jenner with makeup. Photo courtesy of daily mail

Beauty standards play a big role in teenagers’ lives because they are influenced by celebrities that have nearly impossible beauty standards. Many teens base their worth on what they see.The beauty world needs to normalize different types of beauty, such examples are acne, down syndrome, plus-sized models/different races and many more that are rarely shown in the beauty world.

Teens can feel insecure at times when there’s unrealistic beauty standards that they view as perfection.However, there are some celebrities who have shared similar insecurities as teenagers. Bella Thorn has also struggled with acne throughout her life. According to the insider, it states that “Thorne told Refinery29 that she had tried Accutane, a powerful prescription drug that can permanently cure acne in exchange for some intense side effects.” Some celebrities in particular such as Bella Thorne in this case have suffered with acne which many teens suffer with as well. Another celebrity that has dealt with acne is Kendal Jenner, who made a very powerful message on twitter as reported by Insiders, “One day after the Golden Globe Awards, a fan shared a photo of Jenner walking the red carpet, and praised the model for “strutting her acne.” Jenner later re-shared the photo and replied: “never let that s— stop you!” Jenner is one of many celebrities that have struggled with acne, the message that she says is empowering .

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