Krystal Nguyen: The Silver Creek Spirit Leader of 2026

Raymond Hong



SAN JOSE, CALIF- Krystal Nguyen was class president of her last school (Alpha Cornerstone Academy). So when she came to Silver Creek High School it was only a matter of time before she chose to join leadership

Nguyen’s main motivation to run for spirit leader for 2026 was to help her class and school. She helps by uplifting her class spirit and motivating them. Some may ask “Does Krystal Nguyen have any experience in leading? How do we know if she is qualified?” Well last year when she was in middle school, she ran for president of all the classes and won. During her time as president she was always involved in what was happening at her school. She would also shed light on problems at school and talk to the admin about it. Silver Creek student Paul Nguyen who went to the same middle school as Nguyen said “Krystal made an amazing president and was really a voice for the students” 

Credit:Krystal Nguyen

Caption:Poster used to campaign for spirit leader

Nguyen stated that she would like to change involvement at Silver Creek. She seeks to solve this by creating a fun and welcoming environment where everyone feels welcome to participate in activities and events. When asked if she would try running for anything else she said “I personally think spirit leader suits my personality and my goal of including others”

During her time as Spirit Leader she has done many things including hyping up her class at rallies and events and making chants. She has also created skits for big events and for a recent event ; Fantastics she was able to choreograph a dance.

Nguyen came to Silver Creek because of her connections with people that were going to Silver Creek. Her favorite food is Carne Asada fries. Her favorite colors include beige, army green, pastel blue, and purple. Nguyen is into cars and racing. One of her hobbies is dancing. Nguyen has a cat named Lego.

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