Reviewing McDonald’s Celebrity Meals

SAN JOSE, CALIF.— The BTS Meal is an inspired McDonalds meal that started May 26, 2021. The inspiration comes from popular South Korean band, BTS, as a collaboration. Since then, Mcdonalds continues to drop celebrity collaboration meals.

Mcdonalds have been dropping celebrity meals since 1992 with the McJordan Meal with Micheal Jordan. With a 22 year break, McDonalds dropped a Travis Scott partnership in 2020. J Balvin, BTS, Saweetie and Mariah Carey all have partnerships with Mcdonalds since 2020.

As of lately, CardiB & Offset had a Valentine’s Day Mcdonald’s collaboration: the CardiB and Offset meal. The meal comes with a cheeseburger, Quarter Pounder with cheese, two drinks, large fries, and an apple pie. The meal was exclusively released until March 12th of 2023. The meal was boycotted by McDonalds franchises because of Mcdonalds “Golden Arches Code.” The Golden Arches on the McDonald’s logo indicates stability and is a global set of marketing, advertising, legal and trademark policies. The meal was controversial to the franchises due to the couple’s “lyrics and lifestyles.”

The meals included exclusive sauces made just for the meals. The BTS meal had a Sweet Chili and Cajun sauce, Saweetie had her “Saweetie ‘N Sour” sauce. McJordan had a special barbecue sauce created for his Quarter Pounder with cheese, bacon, mustard, pickles, and onions and was sold only in Chicago.

The Mariah Carey Meal was a holiday special for a Christmas celebration. It was an exclusive event that premiered free food items for 12 days. Mariah’s favorites were added onto the meal: chicken nuggets, cookies, pancakes, a Big Mac, chicken sandwiches and burgers. The deal included breakfast options. “McDonalds is a cheap fast food restaurant that is loved by many”, says Silver Creek Freshman, Han Nguyen.

Out of all the McDonalds celebrity meals, the Mariah Carey meal sounds the most delicious. Not only are the menu items free, but there were breakfast options in the deal. No other meals included a breakfast menu item. The Mariah Carey Meal was creative, the meal was like one of those calendars that would gift you something everyday.

McSpicy Chicken Filet, French Fries meal.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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