New Valorant “Arcade” Bundle: Cop or Drop?

By Harold Nguyen

Picture of Valorant agent “Viper”
Credit: StockAdobe 

SAN JOSE, CALIF.— The new “Radiant Entertainment System” bundle dropped on April 25, 2023, garnering tens of thousands of players supporting the bundle. Due to its price many people are unsure if they should buy the bundle or not. In my opinion the bundle is really cool and worth the buy. For a pricey tag of 11,950 VP, you get a total of five skins each valuing around 2,975 VP excluding the melee which is worth around 5,950 VP, and three player cards.

If you buy the bundle you can expect a Ghost, Operator, Bulldog, Phantom, and a Melee skin. Although the skin costs a fair amount of money, I do believe that the skin is worth every penny. First off, buying the skin itself will allow you to access the multiple different variants that each skin has including the “Bazooka badger Variant”, “Dance Fever Variant”, and the “K.nock O.ut Variant”  Each variant of the skin allows the weapon to have a different look which makes the gun itself look like a whole entirely different skin. 

Spencer Nguyen, a Silver Creek freshman, stated, “The price of the bundle is too much for me to buy, but I would definitely buy it if I had the money. Every finisher in the bundle is unique and looks really cool” Logan Tran another freshman added “The melee they added to the bundle is dope, it’s crazy to see the melee adapt to whichever agent you’re playing”

Although the bundle is the most expensive cosmetic in the game, the bundle comes with many perks including three unique finishers, five skins, three variants, three gun buddies, cards, and a spray.

To sum it all up, I believe the “Radiant Entertainment System” bundle is worth the money, and you should go for it if you have sufficient money to afford it. Even for the hefty price of the bundle you get what you pay for in the multiple distinct features that the bundle offers.

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