Chris Tyson comes out as Transgender and some Fans are Upset

Raymond Hong

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — In late April of 2023, Chris Tyson from the Mr. Beast crew came out as transgender. Some fans were enraged and some were supporting their transition.

A picture of Mr.Beast
Credit:Wikimedia Commons

In November of 2020, Chris Tyson came out as bisexual. When this happened the reaction from the fans was minimal. The reaction was relatively similar as fans were split and fans called it “the Karl effect”. Those who expressed what they thought about this situation  slowly died down. 

In late of Apr 20, 2023 during a P.O. Box unboxing livestream, Chris was dressed in what would be considered to be more feminine clothing. A multitude of fans were annoyed by how they were dressing. Some of the fans of Mr Beast were supporting their transition and were glad that they are wearing what they feel is comfortable. This caused a massive argument and split between the community.

Personally, this whole situation is very stupid. Instead of supporting Chris some people choose to be ignorant and use false information to justify their hate towards the transition of Chris. People have said that Chris has abandoned the child they have with their wife, when that is not true. Chris and their wife are co-parenting their kid. Silver Creek student Daniel Au has said that “The hate Chris is getting is ridiculous

People have gone as far to say that the only reason Chris is transitioning is because they have a mental illness. Mr Beast has had to come out and defend Chris saying that chris is his friend and the hate that he is getting is absurd and should stop. Despite this fans still say that he has said this because he would get “canceled” otherwise.

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