After eight years, the FNAF movie is finally coming to theaters

By: Toby Bon

SAN JOSE, CALIF.–The new FNAF movie was finally revealed to be in production by Blumhouse studios after eight years of problems in the movie industry.

Production was first announced in 2015 by Warner Bros Pictures after they were able to secure film rights and collaborate with the owner of the video game series, Scott Cawthon. However in 2017,Cawthon said, “with the amount of issues with the production of the movie and other problems, the movie had undergone too many delays.” As a result of this, Cawthon then left Warner Bros Pictures to work with Jason Blum, owner of Blumhouse studios who works on horror films, such as Get Out.

The film finally gained some traction in 2018 with the announcement of filmmaker Chris Columbus taking part in directing along with Cawthon and Blum. Blum then shared his prediction on Twitter on when the film would be released, which he estimated was early 2020. Cawthon would then produce a script which Columbus and Blum liked. However, Cawthon decided to scrap it and take accountability for delaying the movie even more since he wanted to change the script for the story. Unfortunately, Blum would announce Columbus would not be involved in the project in September of 2021. About a year later in August of 2022, Blum revealed that the movie would be partnering with Jim Henson’s Creature Shop to take on the role of the animatronics. 

A few of the cast have already been revealed for a while, with some of them not being super specific to spoil the story yet. Some popular influencers such as popular Youtube content creator Dawko have been able to go to the set and see the entire production in real time. The filming was started on Feb 1, 2023 in New Orleans, where it would be set up to look like the real life version of the game series setting. The filming was then wrapped up on April 3, 2023 and is currently undergoing its editing and visual effects phase of production.

Figure of the main character of the game series, Freddy Fazbear.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons, By Carter Mckendry

Julian Salcedo, a freshman at Silver Creek, stated his prediction of the movie. “I think it would probably look crappy since replicating most of the animatronics is a challenge,” said Salcedo.

The movie looks promising, since the recent poster showed a little teaser image of what Freddy Fazbear would look like along with the Pizzeria.

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