Creekchella info. 

By Leila Radwan

SAN JOSE, CALIF- As the weather is getting warmer and the school year is slowly coming to an end. Which means at the end of the year activities, one highly anticipated, CREEKCHELLA is coming up! 

Creekchella is an annual school event that takes place at the end of may each year. Due to COVID we missed two years, so this may not be just freshman’s first time at Coachella this year. For Sophomores, Juniors, and even Seniors it may be only their second Creekchella. A lot of students need a rundown.

Date and Time:

This year Creekchella will take place after school, instead of at lunch like previous years. The event starts at 5:00 P.M and will go until 8:00 P.M on the 26th of May. 


The main event is taking place at the X-Quad this year. The lineup consists of mostly Silver Creeks own clubs, including all the culture clubs, K-pop club and Choreo. As well as a performance from band, dance studies, and Platy Pack. Creekchella is also hosting some performers from other schools as well. Leadership is still finalizing the lineup but this is what we know so far.

Leadership is also working on getting food trucks to tie in the festival vibe. There will also be pop-up shops, selling clothing, stickers and even graduation leis. 

The week leading up the Creek Chella will be a spirit week ending the week with festival attire to start off the event. 

Past Creekchella promo 

PC: SCHS instagram 

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