Silver Creek High School’s “School of Rock”

By Harold Nguyen on April 24, 20

Rock and roll poster, Credit: Stock adobe

On Thursday at 6 p.m on April 6, the Silver Creek Drama Department opened up their musical “School of Rock”. It ran from Thursday night and closed on Saturday night, April 8 .

The musical follows Dewey Finn, a would-be rock star who becomes a substitute teacher at an elite prep school after he was kicked out of his apartment and band. When he discovers that his fifth-grade class is a group of talented musicians, he recruits them to form a rock band and compete in the Battle of the Bands.

In a survey that earned more than 10 responses, more than half say that who attended the show agreed that it was really good and enjoyable. Katrina Tran, a freshman at Silver Creek, said, “The musical was fantastic! The way they orchestrated the whole show with the band was very cool, and I enjoyed the vibe of it all.”

Logan Tran also added that “The play was very unique, and they all did a good job with the acting and singing.” Juan Alvarez, a freshman, agreed with the two students, saying “The show was good although they could’ve worked on the singing.” The musical had many guests attending, including the superintendent of the district and local news casters.

The Silver Creek Drama department put on a good show, with the students performing well. The show was successful in raising money for the department and it provided great entertainment for all of those who watched it.

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